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National Anthem
Location: Middle Europe, at the Adriatic Sea, bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.
Area: 20,256 km2
Capital: Ljubljana, population: 330.000
Coastline: 47 km
Population: 2 million, 90% Slovenes, with Italian and Hungarian minorities. There are a lot of croatians, serbs bosnians, but most of all, ethnic albanians living here.
Language: Slovene. Most Slovenes speak one of the following foreign languages: English, Italian or German. Also Serbian and Croatian.
Climate: Climate ranges from Mediterranean to moderate continental and even alpine.
Currency: The Slovenian currency is the tolar (SIT), which is divided into the hundred stotins. It can be exchanged at numerous exchange offices throughout Slovenia.
Time Zone: Continental European time (GMT+1). In summer the local DST is GMT+2.
National Holidays:

January 1, 2: New Year
February 8: Culture Day
Easter Monday
April 27: National Resistance Day (WW2)
May 1, 2: International Labour Day
June 25: National Day
August 15: Assumption
October 31: Reformation Day
November 1: Remembrance Day
December 25: Christmas
December 26: Independence Day