Slovenia resources - the best site about Slovenia I have ever seen. Actually a lot of information about Slovenia I took from these pages.

Slovenia Tourist Information - very helpful site for tourists in Slovenia. There are general information about this country, also info about accomodation, food, tourist regions and other.

From Nordkap to Gibraltar! - four guys from Slovenia are planing to make a trip around the 19 european countries (16 000 km)! Unfortunately, there plan goes to 2000. Don't be lazy, and meet them in Your country!

WORLD - personal page of Jan Jelovsek from Slovenia. Nice site about traveling all around the world. And more...

About Ljubljana - here is, I think, all what you could know about the capital of Slovenia.

Logarska dolina - at the end of Savinja valley you will find Logarska dolina, one of the most beautifull Alpic valleys in Europe.

FESTIVAL LENT - the official page of this festival. I hope, it is one of the biggest music festivals in Europe.

the sound of ljubljana - a lot of information about night clubs and music in Ljubljana.

Lonely Planet Slovenia - you will get useful information about Slovenia in well known company's page.

Spots For You To See - Great collection of links to pages related to any country of the world.

real Absurd - I think, these guys are doing cool. It is hard to predict what to could expect in the next page.

Super Bad - if you decided to spent your time on browsing this site, then try to distribute your time into different seasons. I can sure, you will try to look at all pages during the first visiting. But later you will see, that it is not possible. Just continue browsing next day... Don't play with your nerves.

Clone - they will make a joke with you. Don't get nervous! Just relax...

Vilnius Hitch-hiking Club - almost the only hitch-hiking club in Central Europe. Worth seeing!

If you know cool link, write me